Tucker’s Video Eclipses Fox News Prime Time In Staggering Numbers!

Former television host Tucker Carlson caused a stir on social media when his Twitter video garnered more views than Fox News’ prime-time slot on Wednesday. After nearly six years as the second-most popular program, the conservative network announced Carlson’s departure earlier this week.

Carlson responded to the news in a video that received a whopping 1.8 million views in the first hour after posting. Over 73 million users have now viewed Carlson’s tweet, while Fox News saw only 1.7 million viewers with Brian Kilmeade in Carlson’s place on Tuesday night. The night before, according to cable news ratings, Fox News saw a 21% drop in viewership since Carlson drew in 3.3 million viewers over the previous eight Mondays.

Although Carlson did not address the circumstances of his departure, he implied that it may have been political in nature. He bemoaned that debates were no longer allowed by “political parties and their donors” and stated that “suddenly, the United States looks very much like a one-party state.” Carlson also promised that he would not be quieting down, telling his Twitter viewers, “See you soon.”

The news of Carlson’s departure has also affected Fox Corporation, which owns Fox News. Its stock plunged more than 5%, losing $1 billion in market capitalization just minutes after the news broke.

The video’s popularity highlights the influence of social media on the news and media landscape. It also demonstrates that Carlson’s conservative viewpoints have a dedicated audience that may follow him beyond traditional media platforms. With the rise of social media, content creators like Carlson can reach larger audiences without relying solely on established media outlets.

The future of Carlson’s career is uncertain, but his departure from Fox News and the popularity of his Twitter video suggests that he may continue to have a strong following. As political divisions in the United States become increasingly pronounced, it is likely that voices like Carlson’s will continue to draw large audiences and shape the conversation.

Washington Examiner