Tuesday’s White House Lockdown May Have Been Due to a UFO

It sure seems as though 2019 has had its fair share of UFO stories already, but, even as the year comes to a close, there’s still time for a surprise or two yet.

This was, after all, the year that hundreds of Americans descended upon a remote stretch of the Nevada desert in order to “storm Area 51”.  No “storming” occurred, however, and the event was, in the end, a dusty and poorly attended music festival with chintzy little green man souvenirs.

2019 has also brought us new details regarding the incredible story of David Fravor, the Navy pilot who came face to face with several “tic tac” shaped object over the Pacific Ocean back in 2004.  Fravor even appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience to tell his side of the story in long format.

Now, perhaps another contender for UFO story of the year has appeared, and it took place Tuesday over the nation’s capital.

Security officials on Capitol Hill are still puzzled by what sparked the security threat to be issued Tuesday morning that put both the White House and the Capitol on lockdown.

The incident caused an abrupt security situation, with jets being scrambled and officers warning people outside Capitol facilities to stay far away. The U.S. Secret Service said personnel at the White House were told to remain in place.

“We don’t know what the hell it was,” one security source told Fox News.

The object may have been hovering, according to those involved.

The confusion surrounding the event continued.

Law enforcement sources initially told Fox News the lockdown was triggered after an aircraft moving east violated restricted airspace. But Fox News is now told officials may have to go back and review the radar to determine what exactly prompted the scare, with sources saying they got “mixed signals at best” as to what the potential aircraft could have been.

While officials aren’t ready to say it was a UFO just yet, it seems as though just such an explanation would fit in nicely with the cadre of strange aerial phenomenon and pop culture pandemonium that this year has already provided us.

..and there’s still more than a month to go.