Tulsi, After Voting ‘Present’ on Impeachment, Continues to Attack Democrats and Nancy Pelosi

Earlier in the 2020 race, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took aim as Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, using one of her favorite recent attacks:  That Gabbard is somehow a “Russian asset”.

Russia is the new boogeyman, don’t you know? Trump, Gabbard, and who knows who else will soon be branded as a Kremlin comrade.

And while Tulsi isn’t likely an actual piece of Putin’s propaganda, she certainly does seem to fit the role of 2020 disruptor – a charge that Clinton laid at her feet simultaneously to the Russia accusation. Not only was she the only person who voted “present” on impeachment last night, but she is now openly attacking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

From Gabbard’s recent interview with The Hill:

SAAGAR ENJETI: Congresswoman, I also want to get your reaction to this. The House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, has said that they may not even transmit the articles of impeachment to the Senate if they don’t think that this process is fair. Does that make it just a blatantly political from the very beginning? If they don’t end up transmitting that, what message does that send about this entire process?

REP. TULSI GABBARD: I was surprised to hear that. You can’t kind of just shift and change and make up the rules as you go along. If you’re going to pursue this process, you’ve got to let it play out the whole way through. Again, I think the hyper-partisan nature that we’ve seen throughout this whole thing — and again — this is not just on the part of the Democrats. You see it with those who are defending Donald Trump. You see blind loyalties to their party’s leader, who are proclaiming, “Yes, of course what Trump did was ‘perfect, nothing wrong.”” They’re not exercising their responsibility to the American people in providing legitimate oversight.

On the Democratic side, you see such extreme language being used, basically accusing the president of treason without actually saying the word and tainting, therefore, any possibility of a truly impartial fact-finding inquiry. This is where, I think, the vast majority of American people are seeing right through this and are deeply frustrated that so much time and energy is being consumed on this when the challenges, issues, concerns, hopes, and dreams they have in their everyday lives are going unheard.

According to Real Clear Politics, Tulsi is currently polling around 1.7% nationally.