Tulsi Gabbard Takes Another Shot at Still-Possible Candidate Hillary Clinton

The Democrats’ worst nightmare could be coming true in the coming days, as their farcical field of candidates for 2020 continues to flail and falter.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is at particular risk at this stage in the race.  Not only is he facing increased scrutiny over his potential wrongdoing in Ukraine, (at least in the eyes of undecided voters listening to the mainstream media), but his campaign is struggling to raise funds comparable to those around him.

There is even more trouble on the horizon, however, as it becomes obvious that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been considering a return to the campaign trail to once again attempt to capture the presidency.  This would be a nightmare aforementioned, and at least one candidate seems hellbent on shaming Clinton away from it:  Tulsi Gabbard.

Gabbard, who has been in the thick of a contentious back and forth with the former Trump challenger, ripped Clinton in a scathing op-ed, harkening back to the former secretary of state’s “foreign-policy catastrophes” and citing them as a “primary” reason for her resignation as vice chairman of the Democratic National Committee in 2016. Gabbard, as she has alluded before, said Clinton and her allies have never forgiven her for backing Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in 2016, adding, “the smears have been nonstop ever since.”

“Hardly a week goes by when I’m not asked a question about how I’m being secretly backed by Russia or other foreign powers—on top of countless other falsehoods intended to destroy my reputation,” Gabbard wrote, asserting that “those who are indebted to the war machine and the overreaching intelligence agencies, as well as their cheerleaders in the media” are hellbent on taking her down because “they know they can’t control me.”

Tulsi then went for the jugular:

“Those who follow the Bush-Clinton doctrine believe the only way to interact with other nations is by bombing them or starving them with draconian sanctions,” she continued, referencing her status as a veteran and experience on the Armed Services and Foreign Affairs Committees.

“Only when we recognize the failings of the past—embodied by Mrs. Clinton and her minions in the media—can we move forward to a future of peace, dignity, transparency and aloha,” Gabbard concluded.

The two exchanged scathing tweets with one another just days ago after Clinton accused Gabbard of somehow working at the behest of the Russian government – an eerily similar claim to one she made against President Trump during the 2016 race.