Twitter Suspends Journalist For ‘Misinformation’ After He Merely Quoted Joe Biden

We have officially entered the Twilight Zone when it comes to political internet censorship, folks.

Twitter and other social media outlets have been accused repeatedly of carrying out an agenda with their platforms, as opposed to allowing their users to express themselves freely and openly.  Much of this steering and censorship has been demonstrably perpetrated to the benefit of the left side of the political aisle as well, further frustrating conservative Americans who see themselves being discriminated against at an alarming rate.

Now, this anti-free speech debacle has turned into a parody of itself after a legitimate journalist was suspended on Twitter for merely quoting former Vice President and current 2020 Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Jordan Chariton, founder of Status Coup, knocked former 2020 hopefuls Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, and Beto O’Rourke on Monday night for “falling in line” with their endorsements of Biden, while mocking a recent gaffe the candidate made on the campaign trail where he accidentally told voters that “Tomorrow is Super Thursday” before quickly correcting himself.

“Beto, Pete, and Amy all falling in line behind @JoeBiden. Meanwhile @JoeBiden tells voters to get out and vote on Super Thursday. Titanic meet iceberg,” Chariton tweeted.

However, Status Coup president Jenn Dize took to Twitter the next day and informed her followers that Twitter had “limited” Chariton’s account for allegedly violating the platform’s rule of posting “false information about voting or registering to vote.”

Biden’s long list of bizarre gaffes and accidental mistruths have haunted him in the primary, calling into question his mental fitness in a race that has bene focused largely on age and ability.