Twitter Suspends Journalist Who Asked for Correction from Washington Post

Apparently, Twitter is no longer concerned with the truth, only what’s good for the Democratic Party.

Social media as a whole is long overdue for a reckoning, particularly as it pertains to the first Amendment.  The companies who publish our every thought or opinion have been taking ever more pride in their ability to act as a filter of sorts, and they’ve been molding their platforms to fit only their own particular political beliefs.

In the case of Twitter, that means pushing the liberal mindset above all else.

That is why James O’Keefe, founder of undercover journalism outfit Project Veritas, found himself on the receiving end of a suspension from the social media site, after he asked the Washington Post to correct a story they wrote regarding a piece of work that O’Keefe’s company published.

O’Keefe’s Twitter account was locked on Tuesday due to a tweet he posted on January 22, which called on Dave Weigel of the Washington Post to correct one of Weigel’s reports that contained incorrect information regarding Sen. Sanders’ campaign staffers, Kyle Jurek and Martin Weissberger, according to the Post Millennial.

“RETRACTION REQUEST, @daveweigel of @washingtonpost,” read O’Keefe’s tweet. “The subjects featured in #Expose2020 are not ‘Sanders volunteers’ Both Kyle Jurek and Martin Weissgerber are STILL paid employees of the @sensanders campaign.”

The two men in question were both captured on hidden camera alluding to the onset of violence should Sanders be cheated out of the 2020 Democratic nomination for President.

By obscuring O’Keefe’s quest to have the truth told, Twitter is simply shrouding the literal narrative from the world at large in order to maintain Sanders’ reputation.