Twitter Suspends White House Press Secretary For Sharing Anti-Biden Story

When Twitter and Facebook rose to prominence, We The People were simply thrilled that such a tool would exist, let alone be entrusted to us.  We could now reach the entire world with just a simple tap of the thumbs, in real time, across languages and borders and continents.

But, as these platforms grew, something soon became clear:  They were going to soon cannibalize a great deal of the traffic online, splitting users up into a few major streams of information that are completely under their control.

So, when a bombshell story about Hunter Biden hit the news on Wednesday morning, these platforms used their power as a private corporation to effectively neutralize the narrative, censoring discussion about the topic arbitrarily.

The censorship was so stern, in fact, that White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s own personal account was suspended after she shared the story. 

Twitter suspended White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s personal account on Wednesday after she tweeted copies of an email from a Burisma executive to former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden.

McEnany shared emails that were obtained and published by the New York Post on Wednesday afternoon.

“Email from Ukrainian executive to Hunter Biden asks Hunter to “use his influence” on behalf of the firm paying him $50K/mo in email with subject “urgent issue,” McEnany wrote.

She also shared a copy of the email earlier Wednesday morning.

“Hunter introduced Joe Biden to a top executive at the Ukrainian energy firm he received $50K/month from!” she wrote. “Joe Biden LIED. PERIOD!!”

McEnany’s account was locked, by Twitter’s telling, for the distribution of “hacked materials”.

Of course, this is what some used to call “whistleblowing” or “journalism”.