Twitter Takes Control of Russian State Account After…

While the western superpowers and the NATO alliance remain fairly unwilling to step foot anywhere near Ukraine at the moment, there are a number of multinational companies who’ve decided that there’s nothing that Putin can do to scare them.

These companies include Coca Cola and McDonald’s, who both pulled out of the Russian Federation entirely in recent days, likely in a bid to help average Russians conjure some disdain for their supreme leader.

On Thursday, the information barons of the digital dimension weighed in with a bit of corporate warfare of their own.

Twitter Inc (TWTR.N)and Meta Platform’s (FB.O) Facebook have removed posts from the Russian Embassy in the United Kingdom about the bombing of a children’s hospital in Mariupol for breaking its rules against denying violent events, the companies said on Thursday.

Three people including a child were killed in Wednesday’s air strike on the maternity and children’s hospital in the Ukrainian city, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said on Thursday.

The situation was a uniquely depraved one.

“We took enforcement action against the Tweets you referenced as they were in violation of the Twitter Rules, specifically our Hateful Conduct and Abusive Behavior policies related to the denial of violent events,” said a Twitter spokesperson.

One of the tweets from @RussianEmbassy posted images with a red label saying “fake” and said the maternity house was non-operational and was being used by Ukrainian armed forces.

Russia’s blatant and unabashed disinformation storms were laughably poor for the first several days of this incursion, but nobody’s laughing now.