Twitter Users Openly Crushing on Kim Yo-jong as Kim Jong-un’s Fate Remains Unclear

Things are about to get very strange in the Far East, and it’s not necessarily on account of the already unusual circumstances surrounding our current global pandemic.

In the midst of this viral mess, rumors are now flying about the fate of Kim Jong-un,  North Korea’s dainty dictator.

Last week, intelligence monitoring suggested that the dictator was in poor health after a cardiovascular procedure. CNN reported that he was in “grave danger.” He missed the Apr. 15 parade celebrating his grandfather’s birthday. Speculation of his death escalated after a Japanese magazine reported that the dictator was in a “vegetative” state following the surgery. On Sunday, CNN reported that Korean officials stated Kim is “alive and well.”

Should CNN be wrong, and Kim Jong-un is on his way out of power, the next in line for the dictatorship is Kim Yo-jong, his sister.  Now, strangely, it appears as though the internet has a bit of a crush on the soon-to-be tyrant.

Maybe it’s that we’ve all been in quarantine for too long and some people have nothing better to do, or maybe it’s that she would be the world’s first known female dictator. More likely, it’s that the internet is notorious for sexualizing everything and anything possible. There’s no direct explanation for why we’re here, but unfortunately, we’re here: Twitter is horny for Kim Yo-jong.

Fancams are the heart of stan culture, and in the weeks since conflicting reports about North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un’s health cast doubts on whether Kim is alive, Twitter users have been making fancams and fan art for his successor and younger sister, Kim Yo-jong.

The content being produced is simply ridiculous.

But don’t let the “vibes” fool you:  Kim Yo-jong is just as brutal and malevolent as the rest of the Kim Dynasty, and her time at the top of the heap will likely be nothing to joke about.