Ukraine Now Striking Deep Within Russia Using Drones

It appears as though the Russian invasion of Ukraine has taken a wild new turn in recent days, as Moscow’s military might becomes a rather obvious thing of the past.

For decades, the world believed Russia to possess one of the most powerful and savvy militaries in the entire world.  The entire global order was seemingly predicated on the fact that no one could really stand up to Russia, except perhaps the United States, and that is just the sort of conflict that would usher in some sort of atomic armageddon.

But now, with that myth shattered, it appears as though even Ukraine isn’t afraid to strike Russia deep within their own borders.

A Ukrainian drone attack on an airbase for bombers in southern Russia has left three people dead, Moscow says.

Air defences shot down the drone near the Engels base, but falling debris fatally wounded three technical staff, the defence ministry said.

Earlier this month, Russia accused Ukraine of a similar attack on the airfield, home to bombers that have carried out missile attacks on Ukraine.

And this wasn’t just over the border, either.

The base lies about 650km (400 miles) north-east of Ukraine’s border.

Ukrainian authorities weren’t prepared to take any responsibility for the blast itself, but did suggest that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was the reason for the attack…a rather cheeky way of splitting hairs.