ICYMI: UN Says Ukrainian Children Being Kidnapped En Masse

The more we learn about Russia’s egregious invasion of Ukraine, the less enthused we all become.

The world has been looking down its noses at Russia for months now, (and since before the invasion even began), afraid and then unsurprised by the results that we’ve seen.  Namely, the fact that the Kremlin has has to resort to genocide and terror to keep their effort from collapsing.

Now, evidence of an even more heinous crime has emerged, and it will likely have the world casting ever more criticism toward the Kremlin.

The United Nations said Wednesday there are credible accusations that Moscow’s forces have removed children from Ukraine to Russia for adoption as part of larger-scale forced relocations and deportations.

“There have been credible allegations of forced transfers of unaccompanied children to Russian occupied territory, or to the Russian Federation itself,” Ilze Brands Kehris, the assistant UN secretary-general for human rights, told the Security Council.

And also…

“We are concerned that the Russian authorities have adopted a simplified procedure to grant Russian citizenship to children without parental care, and that these children would be eligible for adoption by Russian families,” she said.

This is just the latest in a long line of war crimes being examined in Ukraine, as some estimates put the number of such incidents at well over 15,000 in the seven months that the war has been ongoing.