Unbelievable Video Shows FIRE TORNADO Ravaging California

It certainly feels as though we’re living in some amalgam of the disaster movies of the 1990’s and the dystopian hellscapes that were popular in 80’s fare.

Our economy is slowly crumbling as a viral pandemic continues to surge, thanks in no small part to massively popular conspiracy theories about just how deadly it actually is.  There are murder hornets invading the nation, and half of the country is now convinced that President Trump is angling to become some sort of dictator.

And, to top it all off, there are wildfires simply annihilating much of the west coast, with well over half a million Americans being forced to evacuate their homes.

In the midst of that horror, we are now experiencing a frightening new threat:  Fire tornadoes. 

A “fire tornado” scorched the area near Huntington Lake when the Creek Fire initially picked up in intensity last week, according to Huntington Lake Volunteer Fire Department Chief Chris Donnelly.

The large flames and high winds caused many trees to be uprooted in the old meadow area in front of Kennolyn Camps on the north side of Huntington Lake, Donnelly said of the scene he witnessed Sept. 5.

He and others captured the scene in photos and on videos that they hope to share with evacuees in the coming days.

Twitter users were already sharing one such video, which is terrifying enough to make a serial killer soil their undergarments.

At this rate, there is no telling what October will bring.