US City Now Fining People Who Don’t Wear Virus Masks!

Throughout this coronavirus pandemic, there have been no shortage of situations or arguments that have transcended the public health emergency and then turned personal or political.

It’s a fairly ridiculous concept, if you think about it:  All these people disagreeing with medical professionals over the simple reality of a novel and deadly virus, simply to pledge their allegiance to Team R or Team D.

Even wearing a mask, which greatly reduces the possibility of transmission of COVID-19, has now been reduced to entitled housewives throwing hissy fits in their local Trader Joe’s.

Authorities in Florida are now taking the decision making out of the hands of the retailers, and will be enforcing a mask ordinance via fines.

Amid a rising number of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in Miami-Dade County, the mayor of Miami Beach announced Monday the city would begin issuing fines to those who ignore rules requiring the use of facial coverings indoors and outside if social distance cannot be observed.

The city’s new crackdown does not go as far as its neighbors across the bay in the city of Miami, which requires the use of masks at all times in public except for when exercising, eating or working outdoors or by very young or medically vulnerable groups.

You can still walk your dog along the street, for example, but you’ll need your mask on if you chat with a neighbor along the way.

Violating Miami Beach’s rule may earn you a verbal warning, and subsequent violations will lead to a $50 fine. That’s less than the announced fines in Miami, which start at $50 but can increase to $500 for a third offense.

Given just how quickly the second wave of coronavirus is developing, there is the distinct possibility that other cities around the nation will soon be following suit.