ICYMI: US Will Conduct Assassination ‘Dry Run’ of…

Hollywood has certainly affected the way in which Americans view the geopolitical world, as we all tend to believe that all of the nefarious sorts of antics we see in movies and on television are percolating just under the surface at all times.

And while this is mostly just conjecture and our overactive imaginations, there are times in which some very real, very strange political machinations are dragged out into the light, and this week provided one heck of an example.

The U.S and South Korea are about to play war games again, and this time they’re going for the jugular.

For their first joint military exercises in five years, the Americans and South Koreans will polish up what military people here call the “kill chain” in which they target the North’s missile and nuclear sites plus bases needed to supply, refuel, and rearm them.

But then…

Sources familiar with the U.S.-South Korea military alliance say the games will climax in a “decapitation” exercise where they play at invading the heart of the North Korean command structure and taking out the leader, Kim Jong Un. Although it’s only a game, he’s sure to take it personally as he did in September 2017 when he ordered the North’s sixth, and most recent, nuclear test after that year’s war games.

“If you get the head of the military forces (which is Kim Jong Un), theoretically you gut the head of the snake.”

— David Maxwell, retired U.S. Army Special Forces colonel

The maneuver will almost certainly agitate Kim, who has long harbored a true hatred for the United States and her allies.