Vice President Pence BLASTS Beijing as Calls for Reparations Begin to Grow

The next several days here in the United States are going to be tough.  We are going to witness suffering and sadness the likes of which many of us have never seen before.  This is a global pandemic, after all, and her peak is coming right around Easter.

The President and his team have largely been focused on the response that America can give to this invisible enemy, and instructing Americans as to what the best course of action is with whatever new data arrives.

But there are some whispers around Capitol Hill about China’s culpability in all this, particularly now that it has become clear the Beijing did not disclose the severity of the COVID-19 strain of coronavirus before it was unleashed on the rest of the world.

The Vice President had something to say about that on Thursday.

In an interview on Fox News Radio’s “The Brian Kilmeade Show,” Pence said that China’s withholding of accurate information negatively impacted emergency response.

“There’s simply no question that China’s lack of candor to the world impacted the way the world was able to respond,” he concluded. “But, that being said Brian, I will tell you there will be a day for that discussion. And, right now we’re just going to continue to lean into this effort [to combat the pandemic].”

The statement comes just hours after Senator Marsha Blackburn suggested that China could pay reparations to America by forgiving an amount of our debt to Beijing commensurate to the economic impact of the virus on the United States.