VIDEO: Biden Makes CREEPY Comment About ‘Nurse’

President Joe Biden has long been considered a bit of a creep, with Americans having lamented his bizarre behavior toward women and young girls for decades.

This is no secret.  At any point in time, YouTube is rife with compilation videos that demonstrate just how inappropriate Biden can be.

This week was no exception, as the President relayed a rather suggestive story about a nurse he once interacted with.

Twitter users recoiled after President Biden gave intimate details of his treatment in a medical facility Tuesday.

Biden was speaking about health care policy in Virginia Beach, Virginia, when he told a story about a nurse he said was named Pearl Nelson.

“She’d come in and do things I don’t think you learn in nursing school,” he said.

“She’d whisper in my ear, I couldn’t understand, but she’d whisper, and she’d lean down and actually breathe on me to make sure there was a human connection,” Biden continued.

Video of the bizarre banter went viral almost instantly.

Biden appears to be gearing up for a 2024 reelection announcement in the coming days, but his nauseating narratives have many prominent Democrats praying that he’ll reconsider.