SEE IT: Boat Fire Extinguished by Daring and Ingenious Jet Skiers

What a terrible frustrating experience it must be to watch your boat, still out on the water go up in flames.

Owning a boat is a major part of your life.  This isn’t like owning an original pressing of a rare record or a complete set of baseball cards.  A boat has maintenance, upkeep, and subjective value.

Boats are often the most-beloved family vehicle, where some of the most memorable occasions occur. To watch this sort of gasoline-powered keepsake be destroyed by fire, with so much water just sitting there, waiting for the boat to sink to do its job, must he infuriatingly helpless.

Lucky for one man, a couple of showboating jet skiers were nearby to prevent him from suffering such an experience.

It was David Peguero’s first time out on his Jet Ski this season.

“We were out riding and we saw the smoke,” Peguero said.

“I and my three friends drove out. I saw the captain of the burning boat getting off onto another fisherman’s boat. So that’s when I got real close and thought, let’s save the boat,” said Peguero.

Kelvin Toro of Cleveland got in line behind Peguero as they surrounded the boat and started splashing it with their Jet Skis.

“I was ready. Let’s go. At first I was just focused on making big waves and splashing it down,” said Toro.

The Facebook Live video shows Peguero, Toro, and another Jet Skier taking turns putting out the flames.

“If we would have waited, the boat would have sunk. It took the coast guard 10-15 minutes to show up,” said Peguero.

Video of the incident was soon circulating on social media.

The Coast Guard first thanked the good samaritans for helping out, but also warned that their actions may had put them in harm’s way.