VIDEO: Compelling New Bigfoot Footage Out of Georgia

While many around the world will laugh at the idea of a large, hairy ape traipsing about in the deep woods of America, it can still be hard to completely discount the thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of sightings that have been reported.

There are a few theories about what could really be going on out there.  Some are absolutely sure that the whole thing is a hoax, perpetrated by hundreds of people over the decades. Others believe that at least some of these sightings are cases of misidentification, perhaps of bears standing on their hind legs.

But then there are those who look at footage like we got out of Georgia this week and they see a large, bipedal animal that science has yet to recognize.

The intriguing footage was posted to Instagram account ‘Cryptid University‘ a few weeks ago and, as is so often the case with purported Sasquatch videos, very little information is available surrounding the circumstances of the potential sighting aside from the claim that it was filmed in Georgia at some point this year. Be that as it may, the footage is fairly compelling by virtue of the beast that is briefly seen in the video.

In the footage, which can be seen below, a dark and rather sizeable form roams around amidst some trees. Although the one might suspect that the creature is just a bear, it then slowly stands up seemingly on two feet and dashes off into the forest. As one might imagine, many have suggested that the animal could be the legendary Bigfoot by virtue of its apparent bipedal motion and its considerable size.

The video itself is fairly compelling, but we think you ought to judge for yourselves.