VIDEO: CRAZY Footage from Michigan Shows Mythical Creature Crossing River

Hang around a group of woodsmen long enough, and you’re more than likely going to hear a story or two about a wild, unbelievable creature that stalks through the more remote parts of our nation.

Unrecognized by science, but fully entrenched in the popular culture, bigfoot, or the “Sasquatch”, is said to be an enormous bipedal ape, or distant cousin to the humans of today, that has eluded capture and discovery for years.

While sightings of thisĀ wild man have existed for hundreds of years, the modern sasquatch craze truly began in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, with a famous piece of footage purporting to show a female specimen crossing a creek in Northern California.

Now, in 2021 and clear across the country, a similar scene is playing out.

An intriguing piece of footage from Michigan shows a rather sizeable creature in the process of crossing a river and some suspect that the strange beast could be Bigfoot. A group known as the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization received the wild report earlier this month from an individual named Eddie, who claimed that their cousin spotted the strange scene while “kayaking on the Cass River.” The man initially provided them with a remarkable photo that appears to capture a bipedal creature crossing the river while seemingly holding something in its arms. Fortunately, Eddie subsequently shared a brief video of the eerie encounter which provides a somewhat better glimpse of the oddity.

And while there is no definitive consensus about whether or not this footage isĀ the real McCoy, it’s still definitely intriguing enough to warrant a look at: