Virginia Counties resoundingly Support 2A in Latest Push

America is unique in a number of ways, and our right to bear arms is very much the least concerting of those sentiments.

This is a nation whose lawlessness gave way to its incredible and rightful place on the world’s stage.  We were once cowboys but now, we find ourselves governed by the laws of man in ways that don’t completely jive with modern society.

Now, in what could be considered a resounding win for the second amendment, Virginia has returned to their roots.

A report from WDBJ7 shows that more than 90 Second Amendment sanctuary declarations have been made by counties and municipalities in Virginia.

WDBJ7 reports that Rockingham County was one of the most recent sanctuary declarations. Breitbart News reported that over 3,000 residents attended the Rockingham Board of Supervisors meeting to demand Second Amendment sanctuary status.

WMRA reported that Rockingham’s Board of Supervisors meeting was held at the Spotswood High School’s gymnasium and “it was standing room only.” County Supervisor Pablo Cuevas announced the voting results to the crowd, saying, “The Board of Supervisors hereby expresses its continued intent to uphold, support, and defend all rights, protections, and guarantees by the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the Constitution of the United States of America.”

For too long, the left has considered gun ownership to be uncouth and inappropriate.  This is no exception.