Virus Patient Flees Quarantine and Attacks Woman…BITING HER TO DEATH!

It’s a headline that you would expect to see on the inside of a comic book or a low-budget horror movie.  You can almost hear the previews now:

In a world infected by a killer virus, patients are not only contagious, but cannibalistic!  

And, to top it all off, much of the world is still joking under their breath about the apocalypse on the horizon.

“You know, we at so much salsa during the end of the world, didn’t we?”

So it would only feel like a natural progression to find out that the infected are now roaming the streets, craving the taste of human flesh.  But this is not the case, no matter how closely some of the facts of this next case may seem to line up with that idea.

According to local news, the crazed man fled his house naked and bit an 80-year-old woman in her neck.

Indian cops said the woman was admitted to hospital on Friday, but died today after her condition worsened during treatment.

A police spokesperson told NDTV: “The accused, Manikandan, has a history of mental illness for which he was treated in Madurai back in 2010. “On Friday, he disrobed himself and ran from his home.

“He tripped and fell a hundred metres from his home and targeted the elderly woman, who was sitting outside her house.

So if COVID-19 some zombie-virus in disguise?

Not according the those who knew Manikandan.

“According to the man’s family, ever since Manikandan returned from Sri Lanka, he was stressed about losses his business suffered there and his mental health deteriorated.”

So no, there are no coronavirus-resuscitate zombies working their way through what remains of infected cities like some horror movie.

But there is an asteroid coming our way in about a month…