Vlad Putin Says National ‘Cleansing’ Necessary as Russians Protest War

If there were any doubts about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s tyrannical intentions, they have now been fully extinguished.

The Moscow Madman has greatly overestimated his military’s ability to seize the sovereign nation of Ukraine, and has thusly found himself incredibly embarrassed on the world’s stage – all while also committing the sort of war crimes that could seem him dragged into The Hague.

Now, as if he was looking to one-up his own infamy, Putin is now talking about “cleansing” dissenters from Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a speech Wednesday that Russia should undergo a “self-cleaning of society” to get rid of the “bastards and traitors” as thousands of Russians try to flee the country amid its invasion into Ukraine.

“The collective West is attempting to splinter our society,” Putin said in a video address shared on Twitter. “Speculating on military losses, on socio-economic effects of sanctions, in order to provoke a people’s rebellion in Russia.”

“But any people, the Russian people especially, are able to distinguish true patriots from bastards and traitors, and will ‘spit them out,'” he said of those who do not back the Kremlin.

And then, terrifyingly:

“I am certain that this necessary and natural self-cleaning of society will only strengthen our country, our solidarity, togetherness, and our readiness to answer any calls to action,” Putin said.

This is the sort of threat that could finally prompt the west and NATO to get involved, if for no other reason than to save the Russian people from their ever-maddening leader.