WaPo SHREDDED After Telling Americans to ‘Deal With It’ in Regard to…

There are plenty of ways in which the mainstream media can spin the narrative, depending on who’s in power, and the Washington Post just took an extremely polarizing stance in order to protect the Biden administration.

While there are plenty of Biden administration follies to choose from, the Post decided that they would attempt to defend the 46th President over his failures in regard to the disaster unfolding within the supply chain, which threatens to drastically alter the way Americans spend and give during the holiday season.  Instead of holding the administration’s feet to the fire, they instead suggested that maybe we’re all just too spoiled.

The Washington Post was ripped Tuesday after publishing a piece calling on “spoiled” Americans to stop ranting about short-staffed businesses and supply chain issues, and instead lower their expectations in the hope that things will get straightened out.

“Time for some new, more realistic expectations,” columnist Micheline Maynard wrote after describing how Americans were used to fast service and easy access to consumer products until the coronavirus pandemic disrupted the supply chain. “American consumers, their expectations pampered and catered to for decades, are not accustomed to inconvenience.”

Of course, were this sort of disruption to occur during Donald Trump’s presidency, liberal publications like the post would have certainly called for No. 45 to take the hit.

The critics were quick to pounce.

Some critics even compared the call for Americans to accept empty store shelves to living in the former Soviet Union, which was often plagued by shortages in consumer goods.

“Good news: it’s the 1980s again. Bad news: it’s Soviet Russia’s version of the 1980s, complete with Pravda,” wrote Fox News contributor Mollie Hemingway.

This sort of naked journalistic bias has been rampant in American political theater for some time, but it seems as though blaming Americans for wanting the nation to run smoothly is an escalation in rhetoric that many of us just cannot abide by.