WATCH: Alligator Snatches Fishing Pole from Young Child

There are things that occur in the state of Florida that likely occur nowhere else on this planet.  The Sunshine State is a unique place in that way, smothered in the carefree attitude of tourists, and frivolity having permeated almost every facet of daily life for the locals.

It’s hard to clock in and clock out, day in and day out, all while surrounded by revelers, vacationers, bachelorette parties, and sightseers.

And if that weren’t an emotional rollercoaster worthy of producing some heavily strange experiences, let’s not forget that Florida is also home to one of the last of the living dinosaurs:  The ubiquitous American Alligator.

One talented young angler was quickly reminded of just how swiftly things can turn south around Florida’s bodies of water.

Sean McMahon took his 7-year-old son Dawson fishing in the family’s backyard in Palm Coast when the incident occurred. McMahon was filming as son struggled to reel in a bass fish, which was putting up a good fight.

As Dawson was finally getting the fish out of the water, an alligator suddenly surfaced and grabbed the fish. The gator not only stole the fish but also yanked the entire fishing rod into the water.

Fortunately, Dawson let go and wasn’t harmed, although he did seem appropriately scared by the incident.

Video of the harrowing ordeal was soon available online.

Just another day in sunny Florida, we suppose.