WATCH: Democratic Voters BOO Hillary Clinton at Bernie Sanders Event

Hillary Clinton has long been seen as a curse on the Democratic Party, yet she remains oblivious to her own unpopularity.

Clinton has been skirting around the idea of possibly running for President yet again in 2020, marking her interest with snide quips online and smartly-time television appearances.  At times, it seemed as though she would be announcing her candidacy any day.

But, like the first heartbreak of a teenager’s life, the feeling just isn’t mutual.

From a Bernie Sanders rally this week:

Just over a month ago, freshman Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib experienced a similar reaction when the subject of Clinton arose, but Tlaib had a much different reaction than Nixon.

Bernie Sanders’ supporters have every reason to be disdainful of Clinton.

During the 2016 primary race, Wikileaks released emails from within the Clinton campaign that detailed a collusion between the former First Lady’s team and the DNC itself, all in order to thwart Bernie’s chances at the nomination.  This, in turn, caused a great number of Democratic voters to defect, thus handing the election to Donald Trump on a platter.