WATCH: Ghostly Beer Spillage at 300 Year Old Bar

Every good old pub has a story, doesn’t it?  The bars, the dives, and the taverns too.  These are inherently emotional places where memories are made out of thin air and where folks go to forget the heaviest of feelings.

And, if the theory that ghosts are just are just residual energy playing on some sort of endless loop are to be believed, then it’s not very difficult to imagine that these houses of well-drink worship would produce some oddly phantasmagorical happenings.

Such seems to be exactly the case in England this week.

A spooky piece of security camera footage from a pub in England shows a pint of beer inexplicably tumble over in front of a patron and the manager of the establishment contends that the spill was caused by a mischievous ghost. The eerie incident reportedly occurred on Sunday evening at the 300-year-old White Swan Inn in the town of Dunstable. According to manager Natasha Magnan, she first suspected that the spill was simply the fault of a clumsy guest. However, when she gave him grief for “making quite a mess,” the young man insisted that the pint had moved on its own. Understandably skeptical of that claim, Magnan checked the pub’s security footage and was astounded by what she saw.

The bar’s staff even thinks that they’ve identified the wayward spirit.

Although the centuries-old establishment has long had a reputation for being haunted and visitors have reported sightings of apparitions in the past, the manager noted that the activity had seemingly picked up in the last few weeks since a frequent patron, named Chris Harris, had passed away. As such, she posited that perhaps the regular was making his presence felt at the old haunt on Sunday evening.

Video footage of the incident was racking up views on YouTube this week, as well, and you can see the spooky moment for yourself below: