WATCH- Incredible UFO Footage from Marine at Military Base!

In a startling event at Camp Wilson in Twentynine Palms earlier this year, US Marines were left astounded when a massive ‘black triangular shape’ UFO graced the California military base with its presence. On the night of April 20, 2021, witnesses reported seeing a craft with five lights arranged in a triangular formation hovering in the night sky for approximately ten minutes. The incident, captured on smartphone cameras, has sparked curiosity and speculation.

Renowned researchers Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp, delving into the matter through their podcast “Weaponized,” recently released footage and a detailed photograph on their show. The images reveal a distinct triangular shape, challenging initial assumptions that the lights might have been fired illumination rounds. One officer at the base captured an exceptionally detailed photograph showcasing the mysterious craft underneath the lights.

Eyewitnesses, including a mortarman serving at the base, described the UFO as appearing out of nowhere. The craft, resembling the infamous 1997 Phoenix Lights event, had dimensions ranging from the size of a stealth bomber to almost half the length of a football field, according to witnesses. The strange object remained motionless before abruptly going dark and vanishing as helicopters and additional vehicles gathered nearby.

Curiously, the Marines’ encounter had not been reported to the Department Of Defense’s All–domain Anomaly Resolution Office, which is currently investigating the case. The unexplained nature of the event has left the military personnel bewildered.

The eyewitness account, coupled with multiple videos recorded by the US Marines and the ongoing investigation by Corbell and Knapp, raises hopes that this extraordinary story might eventually be unveiled. The release of compelling visuals and the lack of an official report to the Department of Defense’s anomaly resolution office contribute to the mystery surrounding this UFO sighting at Camp Wilson.

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