WATCH: Mask Factory Workers TROLL President Trump with Help of Guns ‘N Roses

Another day in the year 2020, another positively bizarre moment in the life of the average American.

At this point, it must feel like we’re living in some bizarre, technology-driven purgatory just waiting for the other shoe to drop.  We’re living through a global pandemic, with “murder hornets” headed our way, and Donald Trump – who once made a cameo in Home Alone 2 – residing within the Oval Office.

It’s just that 2020 has been undeniably weird, if not a little apocalyptic.

Now, as if to prove that the entire illusion has been shattered, President Trump was greeted by a loud and childish prank while touring a factory that makes medical masks for frontline workers.

The sheer volume of the music leads one to believe that this was a prank or protest of some sort, and that makes it all the more bizarre.  You would think that that Secret Service would have preferred a quiet area in which to work while protecting Trump.

And while Guns ‘N Roses’ lead singer Axl Rose has long been a hypercritical anti-Trump figure, as of this writing, the infamously pretentious rockstar has yet to chime in.