WATCH: Wild UFO Footage Shows Silent, Triangular Craft

Earlier this week, the US government took the unusual and nearly unprecedented step of sharing with the nation what it knows about the UFO phenomenon.

Well, at least some of what it knows.  There are still heavy debates raging within the Pentagon as to how much of the truth they think the general public can handle.

But even with a small shroud of secrecy out there, many of us just need to look up to get the proof in the pudding.

Such was the case in Canada this week, as a silent, triangular-shaped UFO was filmed over Ontario.

A peculiar piece of footage from Canada shows an odd triangular object silently cruising across the sky and some suspect that the eerie anomaly could be some kind of clandestine military aircraft. The intriguing video was reportedly filmed in Ontario by an individual named Michael and an unidentified female companion as they were out for a walk around sunset. Alas, as is often the case with UFO footage that pops up online, the specific location and date of the strange sighting are unknown. Be that as it may, the video is rather compelling by virtue of the object at the center of the weird scene.

The pair was spooked.

In the video, a triangular object sporting a light on each of its three points as well as red illumination in its center can be seen gliding through the sky while making no noise. “It doesn’t look like a plane,” exclaims Michael, while his friend echoes that bewilderment, marveling “that’s unusual. That is weird.” Fortunately, the footage captured by the couple provides a fairly clear look at the unknown object, although what it could have been remains a matter of conjecture.

So, out of this world visitor?  Secret military asset?  An optical illusion?

Judge for yourself below…