Weeks into The Phenomenon, Mysterious Drone Formations Still Puzzle Authorities

Out in the American west, the skies have long been filled with mystery.

In the immediate aftermath of World War II, just years after soldiers returned home telling tales of “foo fighters” and ultra-advanced Nazi aircraft, something mysterious crash landed in the desert surrounding Roswell New Mexico.  The government, after first admitting that the debris was from an unknown origin, backtracked into the explanation that this was some sort of weather balloon.

In the ensuing decades, strange aerial phenomenon plagued our nation.  It became a staple of pop culture and inspired countless movies, television shows, and songs.

A personal fave:

Now, years and years later, a strange nightly sighting of military-style drones in the countryside of America’s heartland have wild theories sprouting.

Mysterious drones have been flying over Colorado and Nebraska in recent weeks and authorities can’t figure out who’s behind the aircraft.

Deputies have spotted more than 16 unmanned drones flying in northeast Colorado after authorities received multiple reports of drone sightings last month, the sheriff’s offices in Colorado’s Yuma and Phillips counties said.

FAA spokesman Ian Gregor told CNN that multiple FAA divisions and government agencies are investigating reports of drones in Colorado and Nebraska.

Yuma County Sheriff Todd Combs said in a Facebook post Tuesday it appears the drones were staying at least 150-200 feet away from buildings and people and are flying in airspace controlled by the federal government.

Some have said that the aircraft appear to be flying a search pattern, covering the space as efficiently as possible, leading many to believe that the aircraft could be working in some sort of cartography unit.

If that were the case, however, there would be no secrecy necessary.

No government agency has taken responsibility for the flights as of yet.