Whistleblower complaint stands at odds with White House account of Ukraine call

Few details are yet known about the content of a whistleblower complaint against the President, but the details that have emerged are not painting a pretty picture.

At the heart of the issue are phone calls between President Trump of the United States and President Zelensky of Ukraine, in which the former made certain “promises” to the latter – at least according to the complaint.

When the official complaint was not turned over to Congress within fourteen days, as is the law, the issue itself devolved into the fracas that we see on Capitol Hill today, with democrats now calling into question not only the conduct of the phone call but the administration’s handling of the entire ordeal.

Now, as Congress begins to get their first look at the whistleblower complaint itself, there are renewed concerns as to how accurate the White House’s description of the event has been.

The intelligence officer who filed a whistle-blower complaint about President Trump’s interactions with the leader of Ukraine raised alarms not only about what the two men said in a phone call, but also about how the White House handled records of the conversation, according to two people briefed on the complaint.

The whistle-blower, moreover, identified multiple White House officials as witnesses to potential presidential misconduct who could corroborate the complaint, the people said — adding that the inspector general for the intelligence community, Michael Atkinson, interviewed witnesses.

Mr. Atkinson eventually concluded that there was reason to believe that the president might have illegally solicited a foreign campaign contribution — and that his potential misconduct created a national security risk, according to a newly disclosed Justice Department memo.

This latest revelation could cause more headaches for an already scrambling White House, which is now operating under a direct threat of articles of impeachment being introduced by the House of Representatives.