White House Adviser Admits on Live TV That China Used Virus as a Weapon

Once coronavirus hit Europe, the world knew that something was amiss.

The devastating and gruesome toll that coronavirus took on Europe, particularly on the nations of Spain and Italy, has been studied ferociously – and in doing so has been compared to the data that Beijing shared with the rest of the world numerous times.  Those side-by-side comparisons of contagiousness and mortality have led to some major revelations regarding the accuracy of the numbers coming out of China.

This has led to rampant speculation regarding the motivations that China may have had for  misleading the world.  And, subsequently, there has been talk of China possibly paying reparations for their possibly willful incompetence.

Now, a key adviser to the White House has chimed in on that very subject.

White House Trade Adviser Peter Navarro, from an interview on Fox News:

Host Gerry Baker asked Navarro if he was saying, “China, quite deliberately, shutting off some — a lot of domestic travel, but allowing international travel, quite deliberately knew how serious this was and allowed the virus to be exported, along with a lot of other Chinese exports to the United States and elsewhere?”

Navarro responded, “That’s a matter of fact. It should not be in dispute.”

It doesn’t get much clearer than that.

Several US lawmakers have already suggested that China could be on the hook for their coronavirus “coverup”, and the sentiment certainly appears to be spreading as of late.