White House Bans Guest After Uproar

In a stunning turn of events, the White House’s Pride Month event took an unexpected and controversial turn on Saturday, leaving Republican lawmakers fuming and raising questions about the administration’s commitment to decorum and leadership. Transgender activist Rose Montoya and other attendees shocked onlookers by partially disrobing on the White House lawn, sparking a heated debate about the boundaries of public behavior.

The incident involved Montoya, a transgender woman, exposing his bare augmented chest alongside another unnamed transgender man who had her breasts removed. Once the backlash became severe, the act received swift condemnation from the Biden administration. In a statement, the White House called the act “inappropriate and disrespectful” and announced that Montoya and the others involved would be banned from future events. However, it should be noted that Montoya was invited specifically by the white house and has social media accounts that show this type of behavior is not out of the norm for him.

Unsurprisingly, Republican lawmakers were quick to denounce the incident, seizing the opportunity to criticize President Biden’s leadership and priorities. Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert, in a phone call with Fox News Digital, described the act as “disgraceful” and pointedly remarked that the President “has sold out our country for far less in the past.” Boebert further criticized Biden for purportedly neglecting pressing issues such as border security and the rising cost of living.

Echoing these sentiments, Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz stated that Biden’s promise to restore “honor and decency to the White House” has been far from fulfilled. Cruz contended that the incident exemplifies how Biden has allegedly degraded the prestige and decorum of the presidency, undermining traditional standards of attire and conduct within the White House.

Similarly, Texas GOP Rep. Pete Sessions accused Biden of failing to deliver on his promise to restore “honor and decency.” Sessions argued that the incident was a result of the administration’s promotion of what he referred to as “deviancy” and called for a course correction that upholds common decency and respects the biological realities of gender.

The video shared by Montoya, in which she interacted with President Biden, added fuel to the fire. While the President’s intentions seemed innocent, as he attempted to take a selfie with the group, the mishap only intensified the controversy. Critics argue that it exposed a lack of judgment and decorum on the part of the President and further tarnished the image of the White House.

As the video spread on social media, public sentiment grew increasingly critical of the incident, with many expressing their disappointment and frustration. The act was seen by numerous users as a disgraceful display that detracted from the intended purpose of the Pride Month event and reflected poorly on the White House and the LGBTQI+ community it aimed to support.


Fox News