White House Family’s Visitor Logs Shrouded in Mystery

In a recent review conducted by Fox News Digital, it was discovered that the visitor logs released by the Biden White House, covering the period from the beginning of the administration through February 2023, did not include any records of Hunter Biden’s visits or extended stays. Despite claims of being the “most transparent administration in American history,” the absence of these entries has sparked concerns about the administration’s commitment to transparency.

Fox News Digital’s investigation revealed that Hunter Biden had made over a dozen visits to the White House by February 2023, attending various events such as the annual egg roll, state dinners, and ceremonial functions. However, these visits and stays were conspicuously missing from the official visitor logs. This omission is particularly noteworthy given Hunter Biden’s history of leveraging such events for personal financial gain during the Obama administration, as previously reported.

The White House spokesperson, when asked about the omission, directed attention to a policy implemented at the start of the administration. The policy stated that access records related to purely personal guests of the First and Second Families, without any official or political business, would not be released. This policy has been criticized for being less transparent than that of the Obama administration, which included over 70 logs of Biden family visits.

Additionally, several other Biden family members, including President Biden’s brothers, daughter, and granddaughters, were also absent from the visitor logs. While Hunter Biden’s sister, Valerie Biden Owens, appeared a few times, it is believed that her visits were more frequent due to her close relationship with the president and senior staff members.

The review also found discrepancies and anomalies in the White House visitor logs, raising questions about their accuracy and completeness. Former White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain, for instance, was reported to have only six visitors over two years, despite his high-level position. Moreover, the records often fail to reveal the true nature of the meetings, as evidenced by the omission of George Soros’ son, Alex Soros, as a visitor to Klain.

The lack of transparency surrounding visitor logs extends beyond the White House, with concerns raised about Biden’s Delaware residences. Republican lawmakers have requested records of visitors to Biden’s homes, especially in light of his son’s foreign business dealings. Furthermore, the discovery of classified documents at Biden’s Delaware home prompted calls for disclosure of the residence logs, but the White House Counsel’s Office maintains that the president’s personal residence is private.

House Oversight and Accountability Committee chairman James Comer has demanded the Wilmington residence’s visitor log, citing national security implications following the classified documents’ discovery. The Biden administration faces increased scrutiny over its handling of transparency issues and its adherence to past practices, as the investigation into the handling of classified documents unfolds.

As the controversy surrounding Hunter Biden’s undisclosed visits to the White House continues to unfold, concerns persist regarding the Biden administration’s commitment to transparency, especially considering its self-proclaimed status as the most transparent in history.

Fox News