White House Refuses to Say Whether They’ll Confiscate ‘Assault’ Weapons

President Joe Biden has previously suggested that the Second Amendment of the Constitution is “not absolute” – a dangerous statement in and of itself given that the right to bear arms is the sole guardian of freedom that we’ll have when push comes to shove.

The statement was a shocking one, and came on the heels of a mass shooting that Biden was likely hoping to exploit the emotional toll of as he spoke.

Now, just days after a mentally disturbed individual killed 6 at a Christian school in Nashville, the White House is again pushing the idea of a ban on so-called “assault” weapons – and this time the administration is leaving the door open for the confiscation of American firearms.

In a press briefing on March 29, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre would neither confirm nor deny that President Joe Biden’s proposed “assault weapons” ban could involve gun confiscation.

Jean-Pierre avoided directly answering a question about whether Biden supported the mandatory confiscation of millions of Americans’ firearms if Congress passes a bill calling for a ban on semiautomatic rifles.

“Does the president support not just banning the sale and the manufacture of semiautomatic weapons, but further than that, confiscation?” a reporter asked.

Then came the obfuscation:

“Let me just be very clear, what we’re talking about. AR-15s, this assault weapons ban, they are weapons of war,” she said.

She then appeared to subtly double-down.

“As you know, we all know how government works,” the press secretary added. “There’s only so much that he can do, and so now it’s time for Congress to do the work. And he’s happy to sign—once that happens, he’s happy to sign that legislation that says, ‘OK, we’re going to remove assault weapons. We’re going have an assault weapons ban.’”

The nonsense continued:

The same reporter then reminded her about the concerns of Republican lawmakers who said that there were tens of millions of semiautomatic rifles in homes throughout the United States, making them almost impossible to ban.

“It’s unacceptable that Republicans are saying there is nothing that we can do,” she said, and added that “Republicans in Congress need to look in the mirror.”

The idea of sending federal agents to confiscate firearms from the American public is widely understood by experts to be a catalyst for mass violence and upheaval, and this sort of rhetoric from the White House has those some experts growing rather nervous.