White House Says MAGA is ‘Threat to Our Democracy’

Over the course of the last several weeks, the White House has grown ever bolder in their rhetoric, deciding that the best way to defend their slight congressional minorities is to go on the offensive.

This was apparent just days ago when the President of the United States threatened his own people with the use of military aircraft against them, all while he bashed the Second Amendment.

Now we have the White House Press Secretary insisting, in no uncertain words, that that MAGA Movement is now considered a threat to our very democracy.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre began the daily briefing by condemning Republican leaders for their dangerous rhetoric but also said that President Joe Biden believed supporters of former President Donald Trump were also a threat.

“Let me be very clear, it’s not just Republican leadership, it’s not just that blanket right?” she said to reporters. “He’s talking about an extreme portion, an extreme part of the party.”

Jean-Pierre previewed the president’s speech planned for Thursday about restoring the “soul of Democracy” and warned of “extreme” Republicans.

And also:

“When you are supporting an authoritarian figure, as we have seen, who is leading, currently leading, the former president, you know, and um saying and inciting the violence that you are or wanting to take our freedoms, you know we need to say something,” she said.

This ramping up of the rhetoric comes as President Biden prepares to give a prime-time address on Thursday night regarding the “soul of the nation”.