White House Staff Tunes POTUS Out on Account of Mental Health Problems

For many of us, watching President Joe Biden speak can be an uncomfortable experience – particularly is he’s rambling “off the cuff”.

Biden has long known as a gaffe machine, frequently rattling off bizarre and nonsensical statements on national television, in what have become frankly embarrassing incidents.  The issue has been such a prevalent one that many have even begun to suggest that Biden’s mental health is beginning to wane.

As it turns out, the Biden babbling is such a problem that it’s also giving White House staff some mental health difficulties.

White House staffers admit they switch off or mute President Joe Biden’s public appearances out of anxiety, according to a report.

Politico reports White House staffers cannot bear to watch the president speak because they are “filled with anxiety.”

Biden sometimes takes questions from reporters, failing to stay on script of his carefully prepared messaging strategy or increasingly drawing a hostile reaction from gathering crowds.

The President has repeatedly suggested during press conferences that he may be “in trouble” for taking too many questions from reporters – a line that has many wondering who’s really pulling the strings in the West Wing.

This week, Biden had a number of strange slip-ups.

During a speech in New York on Tuesday, Biden made three different errors — calling New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand “Kristen,” vowing to make electricity production carbon neutral by “2020,” and spoke about wildfires spreading “wisely” across the country.

Earlier Tuesday, Biden spoke about tornados in New Jersey, telling those present that “they don’t call them that anymore.”

Should Joe Biden run again in 2024, we can only imagine that this anxiety will be far more widespread among liberals.