White House Threatens ‘Unilateral’ Action on Virus Stimulus Package

It sure seems to many Americans that Congress just doesn’t seem to care about them.

That’s because, at the end of last week, we were left out to dry by our crooks in The Capitol, as the end of the expansive coronavirus stimulus benefits plan came to an end with no legislation to replace it.  $600 unemployment bonus?  POOF!  Eviction moratorium?  Gone.  Direct payments?  Please…we were lucky to get one of those.

Now, on Monday, Congress is still nowhere near where it needs to be in order to keep this country’s people afloat during this trying time, and it has the White House looking to possibly spring into action.

The Trump administration is considering taking “a number of options” without congressional approval as negotiations on the fourth coronavirus stimulus relief package are stalled between the White House and lawmakers on Capitol Hill, Fox News has learned.

“As the negotiations continue to progress as a snail’s pace, the administration is considering a number of options that might be available without congressional legislative action,” the official told Fox News.

And the West Wing appears to mean business.

“Those that are counting on enhanced unemployment need to be gravely concerned about the lack of progress,” White House chief of staff Mark Meadows told Fox News. “My recommendation would be for them to call their members of Congress and their senators and ask them why they are not willing to compromise when obviously the White House is willing to compromise.”

Meadows added: “There are two things standing in the way to a deal on enhanced unemployment benefits continuing. One is Sen. [Chuck] Schumer and Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi and the other is a negotiating tactic that puts people at risk.”

If the White House does swoop in to save the day, one would be remiss to ignore the significant impact that this could have on Trump’s reelection efforts, making the move a surefire win in the eyes of the Oval Office.