White House will attempt to force impeachment vote as Nancy Pelosi stalls

The President and his team have a new message for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi:  Make your move or get off the pot.

The announcement of a “formal impeachment inquiry” by Speaker Pelosi just days ago was met with criticism and confusion in Washington DC.  Have the Democrats not already been engaged in just such a probe?  What has Jerry Nadler been up to this whole time?  What makes this “formal”?

That last question may be the key to unlocking the tactics of the “resistance”-minded Democrats, who have simply stated their intentions, but have made no efforts to officiate their claims.

All that could change on Friday.

The White House will dare House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to hold a House vote on an impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump, according to a report.

Axios scooped on Thursday that the White House is preparing to send Pelosi a letter demanding she hold a full House vote to approve an impeachment inquiry.

The president plans to make House Democrats to take a stand on impeachment, forcing vulnerable candidates into an uncomfortable position.

An official with knowledge of the coming letter jokingly intimated that the left would like to “be a little pregnant”.

Nancy Pelosi will likely avoid such a maneuver, however, as it would play into President Trump’s attempts to accelerate the timeline of this “impeachment” push.  This would allow the Senate vote on impeachment to occur well before the 2020 election and, given the Republican majority of that chamber of Congress, that vote would likely fail to remove the President.

Then it would be quite likely that Donald Trump wins 2020 in a landslide, free from the restraints of Pelosi’s open-ended vagaries.