WH Responds To Video & Report

Joe Biden recently appeared at a glitzy fundraiser in Los Angeles with Barack Obama. The video has gone viral, and people are talking. But what exactly happened? Let’s break it down.

So, picture this: the event is winding down, and Biden finishes his talk. Then, something odd happens. Biden just stands there, looking a bit dazed. Obama has to step in, take his hand, and lead him away. Now, some folks are raising their eyebrows, saying this isn’t normal behavior for a President.

This isn’t the first time, either. Remember the Juneteenth celebration? Biden had a similar moment, standing still as if he was lost. Then there was the moment in Italy at the G7 conference that the Italian PM, Giorgia Meloni, had to lead Biden back to the group. These incidents have led to questions about his fitness for office. What’s even more surprising is the crowd’s reaction—they clap and cheer, seemingly oblivious to the awkwardness.

Now, let’s get into the response from the White House and Obama. They’re saying there’s nothing to worry about. Eric Shultz, Obama’s senior adviser, straight up denied anything unusual happened. And Andrew Bates, Biden’s senior deputy press secretary, fired back at the New York Post, calling their coverage misleading and accusing them of using “cheap fakes.”

What are “cheap fakes,” you ask? It’s a spin on the term “deep fakes,” referring to edited or manipulated videos meant to deceive. The Biden administration claims that right-wing media are using these tactics to paint an unflattering picture of the President. They argue that clips from events like the D-Day commemoration and G7 summit are being selectively edited to make Biden look bad.

The Washington Post even jumped in, criticizing Republicans for exploiting these “senior moments” in edited videos. They say the full footage tells a different story, showing Biden in a more favorable light. But here’s the thing—regardless of edits, many people see a President who sometimes seems out of touch.

So, what’s the takeaway? The Biden team insists that what you’re seeing is a distortion of reality crafted by media with an agenda. But for many, the video speaks for itself. They see a President who appears disconnected at times, and no amount of spin can change that perception.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide. Watch the videos, read the statements, and form your own opinion. As we head into another election season, these moments will likely be scrutinized even more.

Stay informed, stay critical, and remember—what you see and what you’re told might not always align. Keep your eyes open and decide for yourself.