WILD VIDEO: Paid ‘Ghosts’ Haunt Streets of India to Curb Coronavirus’ Spread

One of the hardest things about “social distancing” is compelling people to stick with it.

The global coronavirus pandemic demands that we stay the course, however.  This is an illness for which we have no cure, nor a vaccine.  The only weapon that we have against COVID-19 is the space between ourselves, and the better we do at social distancing the sadder and lonelier we will become.

We need to think of this discomfort as our small sacrifice to keep the hospitals under capacity and to keep our at-risk loved ones safe.

In one Indian city, they’ve resorted to some supernatural measures to keep people from gathering until the threat has passed.

When nothing works, desi nuskha does its magic! A ghost is on the prowl in a village in Odisha. Apparently hired by the gram panchayat, the sari-clad woman with chalk-white skin roams around at night to ensure that people follow the lockdown. As excepted, her payal goes chhan chhan when she walks. Villagers scream and retreat as soon as they see her.

“This does seem like a scene from a comedy horror film! Full marks for creativity to the person who thought about this. We also need to educate people so that they do not take the pandemic lightly and do not fall for rumours,” says film director Madhureeta Anand.

Video of the spectral healthcare reminder has to be seen to be believed:



Next thing you know, drunk drivers will be chased down by a werewolf in a badge.