Woke NYC Proffesor Unleashed With Machete

In a shocking turn of events, a professor from Hunter College in New York City has been accused of threatening a reporter with a machete following a profanity-laden outburst and destructive behavior towards a student group’s pro-life display. The incident sparked an investigation by the college administration and raised concerns about the boundaries of free expression and appropriate conduct in academic institutions.

According to a report by the New York Post, Shellyne Rodriguez, an adjunct assistant professor of art at Hunter College, allegedly brandished a machete and threatened to “chop up” a reporter who had knocked on her Bronx apartment door. The reporter, identified as Reuven Fenton, reportedly introduced himself before Rodriguez emerged from her apartment, putting the machete to his neck and issuing the threat.

Following the initial encounter, Rodriguez continued to chase the reporters outside, still armed with the machete and verbally confronted them even after they had left her building. The professor allegedly yelled profanities and threatened the reporter, emphasizing that he should not be seen on the block again.

In response to the incident, a Hunter College spokesperson confirmed that the individual in the video was indeed Rodriguez, and the college administration has initiated an investigation into her actions. The spokesperson reiterated the college’s commitment to maintaining decorum, respect, and a vibrant marketplace of ideas. They emphasized that while students are encouraged to express their views, it is essential to do so in a manner that respects the principles of free expression and upholds the values of the institution.

This incident raises important questions about the appropriate boundaries of expression and behavior within academic environments. While academic institutions are intended to foster the exchange of ideas and viewpoints, it is crucial that individuals maintain respect and engage in civil discourse. Resorting to threats and violent behavior is not only unacceptable but also undermines the principles of intellectual freedom and academic integrity.

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