WORLD WAR III: EU Issues Worrisome Threat Against China, Russia

Our entire global society may very well be on the fast track to catastrophe in the coming weeks, as Russia’s war in Ukraine continue to devolve into a humiliating and degrading experience for the Kremlin.

Russia has thus far refused to recognize the reality of the situation, in that this war is unwinnable.  Moscow’s military is already running low on ammunition and the bodies needed to employ that ammunition, and their attempts to resupply internationally are now the subject of serious threats from the European Union.

The European Union claims that it has warned Communist China that supplying arms to Russia would cross a “red line” and have “consequences”.

“I expressed our strong concern about China providing arms to Russia,” said Josep Borrell, the European Union’s grandiosely-titled High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, of a recent meeting with Wang Yi, the Director of the Office of the Central Foreign Affairs Commission of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

And also:

“I asked him not to do that, and expressing not only our concern, but the fact that for us, it would be a red line in our relationship,” Borrell added in comments reported by POLITICO. The EU is itself deeply involved in the conflict, funding, arming, and training Ukrainian forces.

“He told me that they’re not going to do it, that they don’t plan to do it,” the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party politician turned highly-paid eurocrat said of his meeting with Xi Jinping’s most senior diplomat, adding that Brussels will “will remain vigilant” with respect to Sino-Russian relations.

The news comes as “World War III” was trending on Twitter – an occurrence that has become frighteningly common of late.