You Won’t BELIEVE What Appeared in The Sky Over Pence Rally This Weekend!

We’re in the home stretch, folks, and there is no telling what’s coming next in the world of presidential politics.

This is an election whose decorum has long since left the building.  There isn’t some magical return planned for the trait either, as the uglier parts of the electoral cycle now rise to the surface of this salacious stew.

These are the days and weeks in which the political provocateurs pull their most astounding stunts, and this weekend wasn’t immune to the shenanigans. 

As Mike Pence spoke to retirees in Florida on Saturday, a banner towed by a plane flew over his head: “Pence is why you can’t see your grandkids.” The vice president addressed members of The Villages, the nation’s largest retirement community, warning the largely maskless crowd that the election would determine “whether America remains America.” It was not immediately clear who was behind the banner, which was captured on video. The Villages, usually a conservative stronghold, seems more and more contested territory in the 2020 election. On the same day as Pence’s speech, a parade of golf carts carrying senior citizens headed towards the polls to drop off ballots for former Vice President Joe Biden.

Florida is an incredibly important state in this election, and President Donald Trump has only a long-shot chance of winning reelection without first securing Florida’s electoral college votes.

We imagine that this isn’t the last heavy action we see from the Sunshine State this month.