You Won’t Believe Who Showed Up to Cause Trouble in Minnesota!

In the greater Minneapolis area, there is a real feeling of dread and worry.

First and foremost, the trial of Derek Chauvin is continuing, with the defense suggesting the the officer was acting within his authority when George Floyd died, pinned down by Chauvin’s knee on his neck.

Then, just two days ago, a young, unarmed black man was shot and killed by a police officer who appeared to have mistaken her pistol for her taser.  This set off a chain reaction of angst, and soon nightly curfews were being enacted in hopes of bringing the violence and looting under control.

Of course, not everyone has that same goal, as evidenced by the recent arrival of folks claiming to be Antifa operatives.

Members of the violent far-left activist group Antifa identified themselves to a Fox News reporter who was on scene in Brooklyn Center, Minn., ahead of another night of unrest following the police-involved shooting of a motorist on Sunday.

Correspondent Mike Tobin joined “The Ingraham Angle” to give the latest from the scene where throngs of protesters and law enforcement faced off following the reportedly accidental shooting death of Daunte Wright, 20, by now-resigned Officer Kimberly Potter.

Potter has said she meant to reach for her taser instead of her gun while involved in an altercation with Wright at his car.

Tobin, who was relocating to another part of the town at the time, spoke to Ingraham from inside a vehicle.

Members of the so-called “Antifa” group have been responsible for escalating violence in places like Portland, Oregon as well, often giving the impression that they are unfazed by such insurgencies.