Yuengling Scores Epic Win Against Bud Light

Yuengling Brewery, the oldest brewery in the U.S., recently gained attention for its understated jab at Bud Light. The social media account for the brewery, which has about 89K followers, posted a tweet with a photograph of the U.S. flag and a bottle of its beer that gained more than 4.8 million impressions.

The jab was a response to Anheuser-Busch’s announcement of a partnership with transgender TikTok activist Dylan Mulvaney to celebrate Mulvaney’s gender transition for the March Madness basketball tournaments. Many on social media applauded Yuengling for issuing the patriotic advertisement while Bud Light fought with its critics.

Yuengling is a privately-owned and family-operated brewery that has been in business since 1829. The brewery previously made headlines in 2016 when its owner, Richard Yuengling Jr., publicly endorsed Donald Trump for president. This led to some backlash from the left, which resulted in some gay bars banning the beer.

Yuengling’s social media jab at Bud Light has been generally well-received, especially by those who are opposed to the notion of ‘going woke’ or of corporations engaging in social activism. The tweet has been shared by many people, including comic book creator Ethan Van Sciver and GOP activist Sarah Fields, both of whom praised the brewery for standing up for American values.

One Twitter user commented on Yuengling’s post and said, “Thank you for supporting AMERICA. I’m a real woman and your beer is the beer for me. Real women, and now real men, don’t drink Bud Light. Yuengling every day. From an army veteran in Texas, thank you.”

Overall, Yuengling’s tweet against Bud Light has been met with mostly positive reception. The brewery’s understated jab has resonated with many people, who appreciate the message that Yuengling is sending in support of patriotism and American values.

The Blaze