Bernie & AOC Appear With Bowman

Hello everyone! Today, we’re diving into a high-stakes political drama that’s playing out in the Democratic Party. We’re talking about a fierce battle between a progressive member of the “Squad” and a more moderate challenger, highlighting the party’s deep divisions, especially over the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. This primary season is set to be one for the history books.

First up, let’s focus on the showdown between two-term Rep. Jamaal Bowman and Westchester County Executive George Latimer in New York’s 16th Congressional District. This race is not just heated; it’s officially the most expensive congressional primary in U.S. history. Bowman, a former middle school principal, famously unseated 16-term Rep. Eliot Engel four years ago. Now, he’s at risk of becoming the first Squad member to be ousted from Congress and the first House member of either party to be defeated by a primary challenger this cycle.

Bowman has been vocal about his support for Palestinians amid the Gaza conflict, accusing Israel of committing genocide. This stance has made him a target of $14 million in spending from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which supports Latimer. On the flip side, Bowman has the backing of progressive icons like Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who joined him at a fiery rally in the Bronx. This event was anything but tame, with Bowman unleashing a stream of profanities to rally his supporters.

“We are going to show f—ing AIPAC the power of the motherf—ing South Bronx!” Bowman said at the rally, which was held outside the congressional district’s boundaries.

Latimer, however, criticized Bowman’s language as inappropriate, stating that even though he’s faced personal attacks, he maintains his composure and refrains from cursing in public. Latimer, a seasoned politician and former state senator, is well-known in the district and has a slew of endorsements from local officials and even former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

But it’s not just the Israel-Hamas war that’s at play here. Bowman’s congressional record, including his votes against President Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure bill and raising the debt limit, is also under scrutiny. Meanwhile, Latimer is leveraging his extensive political experience and endorsements to challenge Bowman.

This race isn’t just about politics; it’s also about the future direction of the Democratic Party. Bowman, at 48, represents a younger, more progressive wing of the party, while Latimer, at 70, embodies a more traditional, moderate approach.

While the Bowman-Latimer battle is grabbing the most headlines, other primaries are also heating up. In New York’s 1st Congressional District, John Avlon faces off against Nancy Goroff. In Colorado, seven Republicans vie for the seat of Rep. Lauren Boebert, who’s seeking a safer district. And in Utah, the race to succeed retiring Sen. Mitt Romney is drawing national attention, with Trump-backed candidates stirring the pot.

Update: In a win for sanity, at least, D. Latimer beat far-left Bowman! Good riddance.