Heroic Fisherman Saves 38 Dogs From Drowning

Hello Folks! Have we got a crazy story for you today.

What began as a simple day of fishing quickly turned into a daring rescue mission for 61-year-old Bob Gist, a State Farm agent from Arkansas, and his friend Brad Carlisle, a fellow State Farm agent from Tennessee. These two friends, who hadn’t seen each other in a while, decided to embark on a fishing trip to Grenada Lake in Mississippi. Little did they know their relaxing day on the water would take a dramatic turn.

Accompanied by local fishing guide Jordan Chrestman, Bob and Brad set out early in the morning, casting their lines in search of a good catch. After some unsuccessful attempts, they decided to change locations. As they moved about half a mile away, they began to hear the distant sound of dogs barking.

Curious and concerned, they soon spotted a group of dogs in the water. It turned out these dogs were part of an annual fox run event in the area, but they had ended up far from shore, chasing a deer. Realizing the dogs were in trouble, Jordan suggested they check on them. Without hesitation, the trio set off towards the struggling animals.

Upon reaching the scene, they were stunned by what they saw. Dozens of hunting dogs, each wearing an expensive GPS radio collar, were scattered in all directions, unable to see the shore. The men knew they had to act fast to save the dogs from drowning.

They immediately began pulling the dogs onto their boat, working quickly to secure as many as they could. Jordan managed to gather around 25 to 27 dogs onto the boat, ensuring none of them jumped back into the water. Once they brought the dogs to the bank, they encountered the frantic owners, who had been desperately calling out for their pets.

The rescue mission didn’t end there. With the help of a GPS tracker, they located another group of dogs more than a mile from the shore, barely treading water after an hour of struggling. These dogs were on the verge of drowning, but the rescuers managed to save them just in time.

Back on shore, the owners were relieved and grateful. One even tried to pay Jordan for his heroic efforts, but he refused to accept any reward. Bob Gist praised Jordan, calling him the true hero of the day. “That kid had the presence of mind to know, ‘If we don’t do something, there’s going to be 38 dead dogs here.’ And he saved them,” Bob said.

Bob and Brad were grateful to have played a part in the rescue, but they gave full credit to Jordan for his quick thinking and bravery. Thanks to their teamwork, 38 dogs were saved from a dire situation, turning a day of fishing into an unforgettable and heroic adventure.