Biden Announces More Tariffs On China

It seems like President Biden is finally seeing the light when it comes to China. After months of criticizing former President Trump’s tariffs on the communist country, Biden is now implementing his own increase in tariffs on Chinese imports.

It seems like the Biden administration has finally realized that tough actions need to be taken in order to hold China accountable for their unfair practices.

Despite spending months bashing Trump’s tariffs and claiming that the American people would foot the bill, Biden is now admitting that these tariffs are necessary.

Of course, the liberal media will try to spin this as a positive move for the environment, claiming that the increased tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles will help promote clean technology. But let’s call a spade a spade here. This is not about the environment. This is about standing up to China and protecting American jobs.

The senior Biden administration official’s statement that the world needs “diversified, not concentrated, production” of critical goods and technologies is spot on. We cannot rely on one country, especially a communist one like China, to be the sole producer of important goods. This is a matter of national security and economic stability.

And let’s not forget the potential political implications of Biden’s move. By aiding communities in key battleground states like Michigan and Pennsylvania, Biden is clearly trying to secure votes for the 2024 presidential election. It’s a smart move, but let’s not forget that it ultimately benefits the American people.

It’s a shame that Trump had to pave the way for Biden to finally take action against China. But at least we can all rest easy knowing that President Biden will continue the tough stance against China set by his predecessor. After all, it’s about time we had a strong leader who puts America first instead of bowing down to foreign countries.