Biden Attends Service At Mount Airy Church In PA

Today, let’s dive into an intriguing episode involving President Joe Biden as he navigates his campaign trail. This time, Biden’s journey took him to Philadelphia, where he attended a service at the Mount Airy Church of God in Christ. This visit was part of his dual effort to connect with black voters and solidify his support in Pennsylvania. However, it didn’t go as smoothly as one might hope.

Biden’s appearance at the church was meant to resonate, especially considering his oft-repeated stories of growing up in a black church. Yet, instead of looking comfortable, he appeared awkward and visibly aged, sparking concerns about his health and cognitive state. At various moments during the visit, he displayed a vacant, thousand-yard stare that only added to these worries.

In a rather odd move, Biden took out a binder filled with notes during the service, seemingly studying them intensely. The binder appeared to contain detailed notes, possibly including pictures of people he was supposed to meet. He also pulled out additional notes from his jacket pocket, further highlighting his reliance on prepared material.

Bishop J. Louis Felton, the presiding minister, tried to defend Biden but perhaps didn’t help much. Felton questioned why people focus on Biden’s occasional stammering and moments of speechlessness while ignoring the lies of others. However, in politics, coherence and competence are crucial, and these are areas where Biden’s performance has been under scrutiny.

Felton then referenced a bumper sticker that read, “I may be slow, but I’m in front of you,” and advised using Biden’s “handicaps” to their advantage. This blunt honesty might have been more harmful than helpful. It painted a stark picture of Biden’s current state and invited more criticism than sympathy.

When Biden addressed the congregation, he brought up familiar stories about his ties to the black church and his involvement in the civil rights movement, even though he has previously debunked some of these claims himself. He spoke of his time as a public defender and how he participated in planning civil rights activities at a local AME church. These stories, while intended to connect, seemed to fall flat, given their questionable authenticity.

The service concluded on a somewhat uncomfortable note. Biden appeared confused during a call to stand and displayed difficulty when it was time to leave the stage, adding to the impression of his declining faculties.

If Biden’s team aimed to bolster his image and support through this visit, the outcome was likely the opposite. This event might inadvertently boost former President Donald Trump’s standing and intensify the growing calls for Biden to reconsider his candidacy.